The Company

We live in a time when knowledge and history are right at our fingertips. However, the abundance of information, along with technological constraints to process natural language, makes it impossible to pick out what is actually important and present it in a humanly comprehensible way.

Erybo Inc., is a Big Data & Machine Learning Technology startup developing protocols and tools to collect and store structured as well as unstructured data. What differentiates us, is the fact that our knowledge base is also hierarchically ranked by both importance and popularity. We aggregate and connect everything into one graph database taking the form of an entity under a certain taxonomy that is linked to other entities. Based upon the theory that sees the world as a scale-free network, where the importance of an entity can be measured by the number and quality of other entities connected to it, we have developed our own Entity Rank Function. This is a concept similar to Google’s Page Rank Algorithm. With 2.8 billion classified entities in our graph, we can automatically generate rich and intelligent content about virtually anything.

Our vision is to enhance peoples search and learning process by making everything you’re hunting for not only easy and efficient to find, but also easier to digest.

So, where are we headed with all this? What if a web search could give you a meaningful 60 second video clip instead of a long list of links?